so much has taken place in the last few months and i feel completely disconnected from this blog! that might just have everything to do with charter communications.  they can’t seem to figure out what the problem is with our high speed connection.  it’s clearly from the pole to the building, but they’re still trying to pin point the problem.   blerg.

so i haven’t been able to blog, really.   or i should say, i’ve been very discouraged when it comes to blogging, as the connection comes and goes, more so on the later.   so i’m moving this blog.  that’s right, you heard me.

the new address will be

i’m also in the process of changing over my etsy shops.  a girlinthewarbags and sweetiepeteypillows are no longer.   i decided i wanted to combine the two, so i have.  the new (and permanent) shop is  here you will find everything.  pillows, bags, pin cushions, baby stuff, and anything else i decide in my pretty little head to create!

there’s so much else to talk about!  christmas!  new years!  whatever crazy thing yoshi did at any given time!  michael’s grandpa’s passing (sad : ( )  and the trip up east for the funeral.  meeting his mom’s side of the family (a pleasurable experience, suprisingly!  : ) )   apparently the apple does fall far from the tree.   going back to school!  new plans!  new shows and events coming up!  so, i’m going to blog everything on the new site.  so go there!




new pillow for sale on etsy.

new pillow and pin cushion…

tasks update!

1.       get a new job.

2.       go back to school.

3.       have a yard sale.

4.       buy a house.

5.       visit the arch with michael.

6.       get a puppy.

7.       read 45 books.  ( 1 / 45 )

8.       eat more fruits and vegetables.

9.       lose weight.

10.     utilize the elliptical.

11.     have date night 3 times a month.

12.     get my a girl in the war bags etsy page up and running with         inventory!

13.     get my sweetie petey etsy page up and running with inventory!

14.     visit the city museum with michael.

15.     play tennis 15 times.  ( 0 / 15 )

16.     tour old homes of saint louis.

17.     visit 3 museums in saint louis with Michael.  ( 0 / 3 )

18.     watch john adams series.

19.     visit nyc.

20.     get passport.

21.     visit another country.

22.     take yoshi and michael to 15 different saint louis parks.  ( 1  / 15 )

23.     visit chicago again.

24.     create 50 handmade items.  ( 6 / 50 )

25.     sell 20 items on etsy.  ( 0 / 20 )

26.     buy 5 things on etsy, must be made products  (no fabric, sewing         supplies, etc) to support other etsians.  ( 1 / 5 )

27.     take more outdoor pictures.  at least 20 great ones.  ( 2 / 20 )

28.     go to the movies 10 times.  ( 2 / 10 )

29.     host game / movie night with friends 15 times.  ( 3 / 15 )

30.     visit tim in ohio again.

31.     frame the prints for the bedroom.

32.     create something amazing for michael.

33.     learn to knit.

34.     knit a scarf.

35.     crochet an afghan.

36.     visit any of the st. louis area libraries 20 times.  ( 0 / 20 )

37.     improve my credit.

38.     build something out of wood.

39.     visit the st. louis cathedral basilica.

40.     visit nashville with michael.

41.     have a drink at friar tuck’s in chicago with michael.

42.     ride a boat on the mississippi.

43.     learn 100 new words.  ( 0 / 100 )

44.     visit lincoln museum in illinois .

45.     help jenny ann with her wedding plans, etc.

46.     take a road trip and visit 5 states during that one trip.  ( 0 / 5 )

47.     start having a movie/game night on a regular basis.

48.     see josh ritter live again.

49.     get a real christmas tree.

50.     make a mosaic something.

51.     share more music with friends.

52.     drink at least 3 bottles of water a day.

53.     brush teeth 3 times a day.

54.     floss every night.

55.     build something with legos and take a picture.

56.     visit memphis with michael.

57.     go on a trip with my mom and michael.

58.     visit michael’s grandpa woody in omaha.

59.     save more money!

60.     visit boston.

61.     make a 100 things that make me happy list.

62.     post on my blog at least 2 times a month.

63.     get rid of unwanted records.

64.     read a people’s history of the united states by howard zinn.

65.     actively vote every chance i get.

66.     watch the wizard of oz while listening to the darkside of the moon.

67.     make manicotti for michael.

68.     bake 3 different pies.  ( 0 / 3 )

69.     make 3 different cupcakes.  ( 0 / 3 )

70.     make banana nut bread or muffins.

71.     make and drink a pomegranate martini.

72.     teach yoshi to roll over.

73.     teach yoshi to shake paws.

74.     attend levon helm’s midnight ramble!

75.     send cards / post cards to those i love.

76.     read the newspaper (even if just online) 5 days a week.

77.     create / make an amazingly yumschool amuse-bouche.

78.     watch 100 never seen before movies and rate them on my blog. ( 5 /     100 )

79.     make an amazing soup from scratch.

80.     deconstruct / upcycle 10 pieces of clothing and sell.  ( 0 / 10 )

81.     make jenny ann another bag.

82.     visit austin, tx.

83.     finish julie’s bag.

84.     create joni’s bag.

85.     buy a kickass outdoor bbq grill.

86.     buy the new super mario wii game.

87.     go see where the wild things are!

88.     visit san francisco.

89.     fly a kite.

90.     go sledding down art hill with michael.

91.     video yoshi in the snow for the first time.

92.     get married.

93.     buy a pair of pumas.

94.     watch season 3 of 30 rock.

95.     watch season 5 of lost.

96.     take a sewing class.

97.     have a star wars fest!  watch all 6 movies in order back to back.

98.     have a lord of the rings fest!  watch all 3 movies in order   back to back.

99.     see cirque de solei.

100.   put together a cook book for myself.

101.   grill kabobs.

freshly made items added to my etsy shops!

a few more things completed and posted for sale:

tasks update!

finished reading the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky.  good read.  i was annoyed at times by its name dropping of stereotypical books, bands, movies, etc.  if i had read it when i was 16 i probably wouldn’t feel that way.  i just felt like he was trying too hard to be catcher and the rye.  you don’t have to come right out and say that the character in the book is interested in the smiths, reading all of the stereotypical books that a scenester / hipster would read, just to give us that feel.  half of the book was name dropping.  chbosky needs to pull his head out of the artists and writers that have inspired him’s ass and rewrite it.  wow.  maybe i didn’t like it all that much?  i did, i did.  i liked the real story.  it’s just that i’m not an idiot.  i don’t need you to tell me charlie was into the smiths, reading salinger, and watching harold and maude to pin down the type of kid he was.  check out the name drops here:

we went to chicago a few weekends ago!  we had a great time.  we saw monsters of folk and were blown away.  it was like seeing bright eyes, m. ward, and jim james’ shows all in one night, as well as seeing them perform all together.  i liked the album, but didn’t love it.  so i wasn’t sure what to expect.  but after seeing them, the album is much cooler and i can definitely say that the show ranks in my top five of all time.   we also ate at frontera (rick bayless’ restaurant) while we were there.  very good food, but kind of expensive.  we went to dixie jo, nathan, and sam’s place!  yes!  it was great getting to visit for a few hours on halloween.  i can’t wait to see them again!

i’ll post an updated version of my 101 in 1001 this week, as i have finished some, and started on others.

the trip to omaha was pretty awful, overall.   it was nice to see tim, and the wedding was nice, but beyond that, blah.  michael’s family was very passive aggressive and rude.  we were sooo glad to get back to town.  i’ve never been so happy to be back home.

i had a birthday this week!  blah.  31.  soooo old.    we had a rock band party saturday night to celebrate since my actual birthday was on thursday.  it was nice to hang out with everyone (almost everyone, at least.  jeff and tim were missed.)

sunshine cleaning, new bag, and headed to omaha.

i’m tired.  i wish i could sleep just 1 more hour.  but alas, i can’t.

we watched sunshine cleaning the other night.  i really liked it.  good, well balanced movie.

























i give it 4 out of 5.  that’s right!  it was that good.

i made this bag last night, which is now for sale in my etsy shop :


and now we’re off to omaha for the weekend.  with the dog.  ugh.  wish us luck.  i’m hoping the weekend is nice and not as tiring as i think it’s going to be.  maybe i’m just cranky because it’s early and i’m tired.  blerg!