all grown up.

so, i’ve been thinking about doing this and finally decided to follow through and start my own legitimate blog.  recently i’ve had a lot of time on my hands and with that comes A LOT of ideas and thoughts swimming about inside my head.  what better way to organize, theorize, and conceptualize them, than to blog them all?  exactly.

i recently purchased a new sewing machine and have been itching to get started on a few project ideas.  i had an idea in mind with inspirations from this envelope:


the task of searching for fabric that fit my vision and this particular inspirational color scheme was a bit daunting to say the least.  after a day or two of searching the interwebs, i came across this website, which offers quite a few of the colors and designs i’ve been looking for.   i also stumbled upon some really cool fat quarter fabrics at walmart (who knew?), so i’m excited about that as well.  now i just need to settle on which project to start first, decide on a pattern, and create.  i have a few handbag designs in mind as well as a few apron designs.  here are some of the fabrics i bought online mixed in with the walmart finds:


i also need to finish up the task of reupholstering the giant ottoman i started a few weeks ago.  the base just needs some finishing touches and the top cushion needs to be sewed completely.

last night michael and i (and mikey) saw the hold steady at the gargoyle.  they were great, as always, but the view left much to be desired.  michael and i both vowed to never pay for a show at the gargoyle again and to instead, sit outside and watch through the glass doors.  the view is better, it’s not crowded and stuffy/hot, and it’s free!  the only drawback is that the sound isn’t as clear as if you were inside.   we’re willing to risk that though.  thursday is lucero and i can’t hardly wait!

i think that’s it for now.  i’ve got dinner to make and what not.


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