tax day.

wow. what a relief! i worked on my taxes about a month ago and the outcome was owing the federal government just under $1400. yeah, i know, right?! after finding out what forms i needed to file for a payment plan, i decided to ignore it all for a while and set the paperwork aside.  well michael finally got all of his paperwork for filing together, so we purchased turbotax because he was filing in two different states due to the move.  so we, of course, waited until the last minute (last night) to buy a printer and get started.  his worked out fine.  he owed about $30 to missouri but the nebraska and federal refund more than makes up for that small inconvenience.  i decided to enter my information hoping that turbotax would reveal some better news on my return.  well what do you know!!!  based on the what it came up with, i’ll be getting about $1000 back with federal and state combined!  sweet!  i’m not going to get too excited until i actually get the money, but i keyed everything in correctly, so i can’t imagine what the mistake would be.  so that’s a weight off my shoulders.

we saw lucero last thursday.  what a great show.  it was nice to see them and not be too drunk to remember what songs they played, etc.  it was also nice to hang out with so many of the gang.  it’s been a long time.  we attended a barbeque at johnson city scott’s parent’s house on saturday.  that was a good time with yum food.  for easter on sunday we went to jenny ann’s parents house.  yet another good time with yum food.  it’s really a great feeling to be around people you really like and enjoy.  i’m thankful for that.

i’m in search of a new washing machine and dryer.  i really want to get a frontloading set, but of course, they’re a bit high in price.  asuming we sell our current set for around the asking price, we’ll just need to add a bit more to buy a new frontloading set.  i’m hoping to do this soon, as the tax break on appliances week is coming up.

i just ordered some more amy butler fabric!  yay!  i’m working on a bag pattern for jenny ann.  this is my trial run, then i’ll move on to using the actual fabric for her bag.  keep your fingers crossed! i’m also working on some pillows for my mom’s bedroom.  those are easy as pie though.

ray lamontagne is on the 22nd of this month.  i’m excited about that.  i finally get to cash in on my valentine’s day present!  we need to buy jenny lewis tickets before they’re all gone.  we got avett brothers tickets.  i just wish that show wasn’t so far in the future.


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