home, sweet home.

it’s good to be home after a short weekend away with a lot of driving.  everything went well (from my point of view and what i know, at least) with michael’s family.  we got to spend the evening with his parents after maria’s graduation, so i’m hoping that helped this weird situation that we’re in.  i met michael’s three aunts and grandma on his father’s side and his grandpa on his mom’s side, so that was nice.  we were able to have a few drinks at the crescent moon late saturday night before retiring back to our room at the double tree.  thanks to priceline we got an amazing deal on a great room downtown.  i’m never booking a room outright anymore!  it’s either hotwire, travelocity, or priceline for me!  the trip back was nice as well.  we brought grandpa back to kansas city (shawnee) and after dropping him off we stopped and had chinese.  i absolutely love michael more and more every single day.  he’s just so wonderful and i’m amazed at how much he fills me up with happiness and makes me so content.

friday night i decided at the last minute (when i should have been packing and preparing for the trip) that i wanted to make a bag to go with the outfit i was going to wear on saturday to the graduation.  thankfully i finished before it became too late, but we still didn’t get the sleep we should have before embarking on the 8 hour drive.  again, the bag isn’t perfect, but overall i’m happy with it and i love the colors and fabric combinations.  i’m just looking at all of these bags in the beginning as learning processes and stepping stones before i get better and hopefully good enough to truly sell a product that i can be really proud of and stand behind.  oh!  i forgot to mention that i got a new sewing machine!  my singer all of the sudden stopped wanting to wind thread on the bobbin, so michael took it back for me on thursday to exchange it since it had been less than 30 days.  singer has changed the  simple model and a few features have changed including the button hole feature has gone from a 1 step process to a 4 step process.  so i decided to just get cash back and find a machine that i really wanted.  so i decided on the brother project runway model which has much more stitch options than my last machine as well as many other features and durability.  one of the things that sealed the deal was that i can sew much thicker fabrics with the new machine, and i only had to add about $25 to the cash that i got back from the broken singer exchange to get the new one!  totally awes.  so here’s the new bag:




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