oh… hi. ohhh…

michael and i finally went to see tim at his new home!  yay!  it was really good to see him and hang out after however many months of not being able to do so.  his place is tiny.  as in, the tiniest place i’ve ever been in, including trailer homes.  the bathroom was insane and uncomfortable and the mold smell from downstairs had me itching all weekend.  i pushed through though and had fun despite of those unpleasantries.  we had a good time in Pittsburgh as well.  on friday i decided at 1pm that it would be a good idea to visit tim since we had the three day weekend.  nothing like last minute, huh?  we decided a rental car would be best since michael’s car doesn’t have working air and i hadn’t taken my car in to be serviced since getting back from omaha the weekend before.  so we picked up the kia optima at 3:30pm and loaded it up with our suitcase, snacks, and tim’s boxes of wine, etc. and headed out east.  the satellite radio was a nice added bonus.  we got home monday night just before 11pm and i was so happy to shower in my bathroom.  our bed welcomed us with open memory foam.  aaahhhh, cozy.

so i don’t think i can hold off on getting a puppy any longer.  michael doesn’t want to wait anymore, so i think we’re just going to do it.  we’re going to look at a little boston terrier puppy this afternoon and possibly put a deposit down on him.  he’s only 1 week old!  we would be able to bring him home in early july.  michael is sad about having to wait that long, but i’m looking at it as a good chunk of time to get prepared.  i have some reading up to do on training, etc.  and we need to get a crate for when he’s a puppy and we’re not here.  i’m very excited though.

well, i need to quick get ready so we can make the journey to look at the puppy that will hopefully be yoshi.


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