it’s hot outside and jesus has widgets.

it’s been a while!  i’ve finished another bag, but i gave it to jenny ann before taking a picture of the end result.  I’ll get a picture and post it someday soon.  I did start on a pillow the other night, and here it is:



i was just messing around, but i actually like it.  i should start on a new bag this week, just waiting on my new bolt of interfacing to show up in the mail.  we just picked up a new bookcase to put my fabric on, since my collection is ever-growing.  i’m looking forward to hopefully buying a house sometime this year so i can have my own sewing room (even if it might end up being shared with an office), instead of the dining room doing double duty.  i love our apartment, but we are quickly outgrowing it.   here’s the new bookcase:


yoshi day is fast approaching!  i can’t wait for july 8th!  he’s the sweetest thing and the sooner we get to bring him home, the better.  here’s an updated picture:


we already love him so much!  i’m really excited for michael since this is his first real pet other than a bird when he was a kid and our three fish.  nothing compares to a puppy.

we have to be up at 5am to help my mom set up at the flea market, so it’s off to bed for now.


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