key to the highway.

i’m excited and hopeful.  not just because of the new job prospect, although, that certainly is helping…  well, actually, i’m not sure i can say exactly why.  i’m sure yoshi coming home in exactly a week has something to do with it.  such a cute and lovely little life that we get to be responsible for.  i’m nervous about it, but excited all the same.   even though it’s the hot-ass summer time, i feel good.  of course, as i type this, i’m sitting in my fairly comfortably air-conditioned home.  actually the hvac repair man is here right now working on the a/c because it’s not quite cooling as it should. anyhow, i’m hoping the upcoming weeks hold fantastic outcomes.

this past week we had a good run of shows that we attended.  steve earle, as previously mentioned.  and then the next night was the avett brothers.  what a great show.  it was great to see everyone and we very much enjoyed the company and it goes without saying that the show was a face melter.  monday night michael and i drove to columbia, missouri to see conor oberst and the mystic valley band at the blue note.  i was really impressed and the trip was well worth it.  after having seen jenny lewis and feeling like her and the band were just resting on some type of “indie rock princess” laurels, it was nice to see a band really put it all out there on stage and not hold back.  i don’t care if you did play bonaroo the night before, jenny lewis.  we paid far too much to see you in the first place, so give it all you’ve got.   wow.  i didn’t realize i was that annoyed with her and the show.  i guess i am.  i know there are some shows before these, but the only i can remember right now that are coming up that we plan to attend are the old 97’s and of course josh ritter / langhorne slim.

i’m waiting on the labels i ordered for my new pillow brand.  i’m excited to really get that etsy page / brand going.  i still need to get with jenny ann and check out the label designs for a girl in the war.  also, i’m fairly certain i’m addicted to fabric.  i really need the labels so i can start churning stuff out.  otherwise i’ll just be piling up all of the fabric i keep finding and buying.  i can’t help it!  have you seen what’s out there?  well i have, and i love it.

i’ll leave you with this:

listen to the band.  now.  always.  everyday.  hurry.  and go see levon and his midnight ramble.  i’m certainly going to.  i love levon.  almost as much as i love michael.  okay, not that much.  probably not even close.  but i do.  i really do.  and i miss danko and richard.  and i wish robbie wasn’t such a recluse.  at least garth and levon are still out there.

and also, the current picture of yosh.  yeah, that’s right…  he’s peeing.  so what.  at least it’s outside.

yoshi 5 weeks


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