well, it’s been a while.  life with the new puppy is a bit hectic.  mostly because he has to pee every 30 minutes.  okay, that’s not true, but it certainly seems like that’s all we do.  take him out to go to the bathroom or clean up little yellow puddles ranging in sizes from a nickel to a coaster.  he’s great, but he’s also a handful.  we’ve already started puppy training classes down the street.  hopefully this will help with the basic commands (he already knows sit, lay down, and watch me… just working on consistantly doing them), leash training, and the dominance issues.  here are a few new pictures of him:



so, hopefully i’ll hear from rivet this week regarding the position i interviewed for a few weeks ago.  they should be making a decission this week.  fingers crossed.   on a crafting note, i got a new sewing station!  well, new to me, anyways.  good old craigslist!  i also got another sewing machine and a serger in the deal.  i’m going to go get some paint today and get started on making the cabinet a bit more appealing and stylish.  right now it’s just a crappy wood color that doesn’t match the expresso wood of it’s neighbors in the dining room area.  it is nice in the way that the door opens up and it becomes a desk area and the side flap can be lifted up and sat on the door and it locks into place, so i have a bigger work station.  (see the pictures below of the before and after).  i’ve started on a new bag design.  as of right now, i’m aiming for it to be a clutch, but that could change.  in the pictures below, the waverly floral fabric is going to be the top flap that closes the bag.





we saw josh ritter last tuesday at off broadway here in st. louis. i was kind of worried that off broadway and the sold out crowd might ruin the show for me, but i was wrong for worrying!  in the spring of 2008 we saw josh play at the slow down in omaha and it was ridiculously magical.  partially because that was our first date, and also because josh meant so much to us and what not.  i was just afraid this time wouldn’t be as special.  it definitely was, though.  maybe even more so.  we were about 3 feet from the stage with a non obstructed view!  that’s saying a lot for two short people.  we were also at the bar, so no struggle to get drink after drink.  we met josh afterward.  he was extremely personable.  we told him about how our first date involved him directly in omaha, and that lillian, egypt meant so much to us because michael found me back in illinois (chicago, to be exact).  he was super stoked and he signed the following  “marci & mike, you two are glorious!!!”  we got about 3 hugs a piece from him and a picture together.  great night.

we bought monsters of folk tickets for the chicago show.  so excited about that.  m. ward, jim james, conor oberst, and mike mogis.  can’t really pass that up.  we still need to buy tickets for the avett brothers in urbana, il.  i do believe we’ll be attending farm aid this year as well.   how could we not with wilco on the bill?  yeah, exactly.    i’m elated that summer is almost over and soon we’ll have fall weather.  perfect timing with yoshi starting to walk on a leash better and he definitely has longer spurts of energy so we can do walks in the park and what not.

well, i should cut this off before it gets to late to hit the dollar store and home depot for some paint / supplies.   i’m pledging to post more often.

over & out.


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