a dog day afternoon.

we met jenny ann and n.  at laumeier sculpture park today to have a dog day with yosh and joey.  we are pooped!  that’s one park down!

also, last night we had tonya over and michael grilled chicken & steak kabobs (michael grilled them, so i can’t really cross that task off my list yet!) and tonya and i worked on cutting the vegetables for the kabobs (green & red bell peppers & onions) and also for the summer salad i make consisting of cucumbers, tomatoes, green  & red bell peppers, onions, and feta cheese,  all marinaded in a yummy greek olive oil vinaigrette.  we also made honey baked beans, garlic cheese bread, and buffalo chicken dip.  YUM.  we had a great time playing beatles rock band and scattergories.   we always have a ridiculously fun time with tonya.

i snapped some good photos at the park today.  here are a few:


above:  the way by alexander liberman  / eighteen salvaged oil tanks



above: pavilion in park.


above:  eye by tony tasset / fiberglass, resin, oil paint, steel


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