movies, movies, movies.




























well, as much as i wanted this movie to be amazing, i was left wanting something more.  it just seemed to be lacking.  i felt like i had only watched about 40 minutes worth of movie and more should have been covered. i’m still giving it 3.5 because it’s where the wild things are and it was good.  not great, but good.




























i wasn’t expecting much out of adeventureland because it seems that any movie that seems like it might be great pretty much always disappoints me these days.  but i really liked it.  i might almost say it was great.  4.0!

















kind of funny, but mostly cheesy and fairly stupid.  still love michael cerra after watching it, but i kind of love jack black a little less.  i really think he needs to take a little detour from the stupid comedies, a la bill murray or will ferrell.  2.5.  kind of lame.


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