so much has taken place in the last few months and i feel completely disconnected from this blog! that might just have everything to do with charter communications.  they can’t seem to figure out what the problem is with our high speed connection.  it’s clearly from the pole to the building, but they’re still trying to pin point the problem.   blerg.

so i haven’t been able to blog, really.   or i should say, i’ve been very discouraged when it comes to blogging, as the connection comes and goes, more so on the later.   so i’m moving this blog.  that’s right, you heard me.

the new address will be

i’m also in the process of changing over my etsy shops.  a girlinthewarbags and sweetiepeteypillows are no longer.   i decided i wanted to combine the two, so i have.  the new (and permanent) shop is  here you will find everything.  pillows, bags, pin cushions, baby stuff, and anything else i decide in my pretty little head to create!

there’s so much else to talk about!  christmas!  new years!  whatever crazy thing yoshi did at any given time!  michael’s grandpa’s passing (sad : ( )  and the trip up east for the funeral.  meeting his mom’s side of the family (a pleasurable experience, suprisingly!  : ) )   apparently the apple does fall far from the tree.   going back to school!  new plans!  new shows and events coming up!  so, i’m going to blog everything on the new site.  so go there!




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