a tiny peek inside the blogshell…

i’m not a fan of capital letters.  having said that, i am a fan of proper grammar and spelling.

i love recorded and live music.  i love reading.  i very much enjoy creating, altering, and tweaking.  i love to cook, decorate, and dare i say, to shop.  although i’m not a big fan of the mass majority of people out and about, so i tend to do most of my shopping on the internets.  i’m currently all about sewing, fabric, and patterns.

i love spending time with my lovely boyfriend, michael, my caring mom and family, and a large handful of wonderful friends that i’ve accumulated over the years.  the people i chose to surround myself with mean everything to me.

a few of my favorite musical likes are as such:

the band, josh ritter, ccr, elo, the black keys, m. ward, the hold steady, ray lamontagne, the avett brothers, lucero, whiskeytown, okkervil river, the new pornographers, ryan adams, band of horses, my morning jacket, pernice brothers, tom waits, wilco, and on and on and on…


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