movies, movies, movies.




























well, as much as i wanted this movie to be amazing, i was left wanting something more.  it just seemed to be lacking.  i felt like i had only watched about 40 minutes worth of movie and more should have been covered. i’m still giving it 3.5 because it’s where the wild things are and it was good.  not great, but good.




























i wasn’t expecting much out of adeventureland because it seems that any movie that seems like it might be great pretty much always disappoints me these days.  but i really liked it.  i might almost say it was great.  4.0!

















kind of funny, but mostly cheesy and fairly stupid.  still love michael cerra after watching it, but i kind of love jack black a little less.  i really think he needs to take a little detour from the stupid comedies, a la bill murray or will ferrell.  2.5.  kind of lame.



where to start.  well, first off, i went to visit tim in ohio two weeks ago.  it was a great weekend, until the very last minute when i got to my seat on the flight home.  i’ll get to that in a minute.   cirque de soleil in pittsburgh was more amazing then i could have ever imagined or explain now.  front row seats certainly helped with the whole awesome-factor.   we also went to a cool haunted house before we headed back to ohio.  cleveland was fun but short.  and then i hurt my knee the moment i stepped into the row in front of my seat on the plane.  it gave out and i heard/felt three pops and collapsed into the seat.  i worried the whole flight, hoping i would be able to walk at least enough to get to michael and the car.  when the plane landed i stood up and realized it was pretty bad, as it gave out everytime i put pressure on it.  i hobbled off the plane and they pushed me the rest of the way to the pick up area outside in a wheel chair.  one emergency room trip later, i now know i have a partially torn MCL in my knee and a badly sprained knee.  it was really bad at first but i’m able to walk on my own now.  i just can’t put full weight on my right knee, can’t bend it 90 degrees and can’t straighten it completely.  the muscle relaxers and pain pills have really helped.

so tim came to visit this past weekend which was fun.  we didn’t get to spend a lot of time together, but we did go see where the wild things are.  i’ll give my rating in another post.  i also recently watched year one, adventureland, and mall cop (wtf?).  so i need to rate them all soon.    i feel like i’ve been completing tasks faster than i can cross them off and update.  we finished watching 30 rock season 3.  i was sad for it to be over!  i’m going to try to make an effort to watch this season as it airs, but i’m really not good at tv commitments.

last saturday michael and i grilled butterfly porkchops on the outside grill (i made this yum rub for the chops) along with corn on the cob.  it was so good i’m wishing i had some right now!


i made meat loaf on thursday and it was yummy.  i’m still working on perfecting a recipe that i truly love and want to make over and over.  this time i played around with a lot of veggies in the mix.  i put tomatoes, green & orange bell peppers, garlic, worcestershire sauce, thyme, parsley, rosemary, and other things.  it was good, but not quite what i’m looking for.  that’s a honey barbecue sauce over the top:


we’re off to chicago on friday to see monsters of folk.  we’ll be back on saturday though.  kind of sad that it’s only for a day and a half.  next weekend we’re going to omaha for a wedding and to visit with michael’s grandfather.

i just made this bag tonight and i really love it!  the idea of combining some fabric scraps i got for free on craigslist with some joel dewberry fabric hit me this evening and i got started.  it’s always nice to start and finish a project within a few hours.  it closes with a magnetic snap.  the striped fabric is actually the wrong side of a diamond cut upholstery fabric.  i thought the wrong side was much cooler than the right side.  sounds about right…




kabobs in your face.

we grilled chicken kabobs!  i made a wonderful marinade involving soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, thyme, parsley, garlic, etc.  i also put onions and green peppers on the kabobs.  i covered the corn with olive oil, parsley & thyme and we cooked that on the grill as well.   i made my veggie salad with the greek dressing and a chicken rice mixture.  yumschool.

30 rock came in the mail today.  we’re watching a few episodes right now.  i really missed jack, liz, and tracy.

here’s dinner:



yoshers is a yoshers.

pictures of yoshi being cuter than any other dog in the history of dogs:


above: yoshi napping with mr. bo dangles and crappy the shitface dog.


above:  yoshi posing like a diva in his diva bed.


above:  nylabone-face.


above:  yoshi + pbr = obsession?  look at those eyes.


above:  yoshi gets a bath.  a lot.


above:  yoshi tuckered out after a day at the park.


above:  he was so pooped he couldn’t find a good position.  this was my favorite.

task updates.

#22   take yoshi & michael to 15 different saint louis parks. (1/15)

#28   go to the movies 10 times.  ( 1/10)

#29   host game/movie night with friends 15 times.  (1/15)

#78  watch 100 never seen before movies and rate them on my blog.  (2/100)

a dog day afternoon.

we met jenny ann and n.  at laumeier sculpture park today to have a dog day with yosh and joey.  we are pooped!  that’s one park down!

also, last night we had tonya over and michael grilled chicken & steak kabobs (michael grilled them, so i can’t really cross that task off my list yet!) and tonya and i worked on cutting the vegetables for the kabobs (green & red bell peppers & onions) and also for the summer salad i make consisting of cucumbers, tomatoes, green  & red bell peppers, onions, and feta cheese,  all marinaded in a yummy greek olive oil vinaigrette.  we also made honey baked beans, garlic cheese bread, and buffalo chicken dip.  YUM.  we had a great time playing beatles rock band and scattergories.   we always have a ridiculously fun time with tonya.

i snapped some good photos at the park today.  here are a few:


above:  the way by alexander liberman  / eighteen salvaged oil tanks



above: pavilion in park.


above:  eye by tony tasset / fiberglass, resin, oil paint, steel

cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

task # 78   2/100

suprisingly, this was a pretty good movie!  i caught a matinee showing of it today with jenny ann and her son n.  for me, seeing anything in 3D is awesome, so the movie really could have been lame and i’d probably be happy.  but the story line was actually really good and i was entertained from start to finish.  also, we kept our 3D glasses!  i plan on wearing them pretty much always.


4 out of 5 (would be 3 but it gets 1 extra for being in 3D)